Fingerprinting Services

In conjunction with the State of Michigan, the Rochester Police Department has partnered with Identix Incorporated to offer fingerprinting services. This partnership is due to newly-instituted requirements that most fingerprints be submitted electronically to the State of Michigan and the FBI.

Fingerprinting Reasons

Due to additional background requirements, the Rochester Police Department will continue to fingerprint residents (and non-residents for job-related reasons if your place of employment is within the city limits of Rochester) only for the following reasons:
  • Adoption (MCL 710.23f)
  • Consumer and Industry SVCS, Liquor Licence (R 436.1113 and .1115)
  • Conviction Set Aside Application - Adult (MCL 780.621)
  • Conviction Set Aside Application - Juvenile (MCL 712a.18e)
  • Fingerprint Registration (MCL 28.271)
  • Housing Commission (PL 104-120 of 1996) - HUD
  • Public Housing Inhabitant
  • Name Change (PA 106, 1996, MCL 711.1) - Petition for Name Change
  • Personal Record Review (PL 93-579)
  • Visa / Immigration Application (MCL 28.271)
Come into the Rochester Police Department if you need to be fingerprinted for any of the processes listed above. All others needing to be printed for employment or licensing can visit the Michigan State Police Private Live Scan Vendors list.