Park Shelter Reservations

Related to MI Executive Order 2020-110, groups of 100 or less will be allow to gather outdoors with social distancing.

Residency Requirements
Only City of Rochester residents may reserve facilities in the Municipal Park, reservations require a permit that must be approved by City Hall, prior to the event. The person who makes the reservation must be present and responsible for the entire event, this person will also be the recipient of any deposit held by the City for the reservation. Park Reservation Fee is payable by check or online payment. Please click here for the park rental application. 

Permit and Fees:
The City is currently making reservations for the Kiwanis Pavilion only. Reservations require a permit which must be completed in person at City Hall prior to the event. The Kiwanis Pavilion features a serving room with additional counter space if needed. The base fee for reserving the Kiwanis Pavilion is $50. If the serving room is needed, an additional user fee is assessed in the amount of $10 and a deposit of $50 must be made. The $50 deposit is returned to whomever made the reservation after the serving room key has been returned.

Check out the calendar at the bottom of this page to see if your desired date is available! The calendar is for reference only, and we cannot guarantee that a date is available based on the below calendar. If you have any additional questions, please contact the Deputy Clerk at 248-733-3700 ext. 243 or by email at

Reservations CANNOT be held by phone or email, submitting the form and application fee is the only way to hold your reservation.

Special Events:
Please note that an additional Special Event Application may be required if your event is especially large. These must be reviewed by the Police Department and City Council. 

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