Rochester Citizen Survey 

The online version of the 2017 City of Rochester Citizen Survey can found below. This survey will remain open until Friday, February 10th. 

Each residence in the City has been mailed one (1) physical copy of the survey, meaning only one member of each household will be able to submit the a response to the survey. You have the choice to either complete the physical survey and mail it back in the prepaid envelope that is provided, or use the unique code that is provided on the physical survey as the access password to complete the online survey. Your code will be used to ensure only one response per residence. Once you input your code and begin the online survey, you will only have ONE (1) opportunity to complete the survey. That code will also be used to identify surveys that are mailed back to the City, and responses will be counted only once per code. 

Please see the Rochester Citizen Survey Results page for the 2009 survey results. After this survey closes, the results will be tabulated, and posted on the City of Rochester website, as well as presented to City Council, and summarized in an upcoming City newsletter. 

If you have any questions or concerns, or have not received a copy of the survey to your residence by January 25th,  please contact the City via e-mail at