Storm Water and Environment

Rochester - photo of stream in the springThe quality of the water and stability of flow are important to support a diverse and healthy ecosystem and to provide recreational, economic, aesthetic, and educational opportunities that are essential to our quality of life. The way we use our land determines the condition of our watershed and water resources.

A watershed is another word for a river basin. It’s an area of land that drains into a common body of water. Rain and melting snow washes down the drain in the parking lots and streets into our storm water sewer system. This system then transports the water into rivers and streams and eventually into our lakes. In most of Macomb County, the eastern half of Oakland County, and small areas of southern Lapeer and St. Clair counties, this water makes its way into the Clinton River and eventually out to Lake St. Clair. Protecting and enhancing our water resources is the responsibility of everyone in our watershed and requires the coordinated involvement and effort of individuals, businesses, governments, and organizations throughout the watershed.

The City of Rochester is committed to protecting and enhancing our waterways by implementing bank stabilization, habitat improvement, and green infrastructure projects on our properties, improving recreational opportunities on our rivers, and educating our residents on the importance of our natural resources. We all play a part in keeping our lakes, rivers, and streams clean.

Here are a few tips on ways to help us protect this vital resource: