Posted on: October 25, 2016

Halloween Trick-or-Treat Hours


The traditional hours Trick-or-Treat hours in Rochester are from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM. The whistle will be blown at 7:00 PM and again 8:00 PM. (Note: Rochester Hills hours at 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM.)

Posted on: October 17, 2016

Several City Positions Avaialble

The City has recently posted several positions, including full-time, part-time, and seasonal.

Posted on: October 11, 2016

Curbside Leaf Collection Begins October 24th!

Goofy Leaf.jpg

Beginning on October 24, the City will have crews out picking up leaves at the curb. Please assemble neat piles of leaves right along the curb, in the street. Grass clippings, pet waste, municipal waste and tree limbs are strictly prohibited.

As summer comes to an end, the Michigan Fall colors blast into view. Unfortunately, after this brilliant color display, the season concludes with raking...but the good news is, the City of Rochester continues to offer curbside leaf collection. Beginning...Read on...

Posted on: September 22, 2016

Water Rates and the Irrigation Meter Program


On 11/9/15, the City approved a new water rate structure. The new structure may make it beneficial for you to install an Irrigation Meter in your home.

Additional info will be discussed at the City Council meeting at 7:00pm on Monday, Oct. 24th.

The irrigation meter will deduct from your sewer bill the water you use outside of your home to irrigate lawns, fill pools, and wash cars, since this water does not enter the sanitary sewer system. To find out more about the New Water Rate Structure and ...Read on...

Water and Sewer
Posted on: September 21, 2016

Rochester Seeking Individual for Planning Commission Seat

The Planning Commission has a vacant seat available with a term of 3 years.

Applicants must fill out a boards and commissions application which can be found at the following link:

Interested parties should email a signed application in pdf format to:, ...Read on...

Boards and Commissions Application
Posted on: September 20, 2016

Wow! Internet Paper Billing Statement Fee

Effective November 1, 2016, Wow! Internet will begin charging a Paper Bill Statement Fee of $1.00 per month for internet customers who wish to continue receiving a paper bill statement. Wow! paperless billing will not be charged any additional fees.

All Wow! Internet customers have the option to sign up for paperless billing. Customers should visit the Billing Center section of Wow! Account Manager, which can be found at Customers who are impacted by these policy changes will receive ...Read on...

Posted on: September 16, 2016

Recent High Water Bills - Update

On September 12th, the City Council extended the current water bill deadline 60 days. This makes the new deadline 11/21/16. The City's Infrastructure Committee along with staff are working on recommendations for Council to consider as early as 9/26/16.

If you have any questions or comments, please either call the City at (248) 651-9061 or send an email to: