Department of Public Works


The Rochester Department of Public Works handles all maintenance of City right-of-ways, including streets, bridges, parking decks, and sidewalks, street sweeping and snowplowing, and pick-up services for brush and leaves. The DPW is also responsible for the operation and maintenance of the water, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer systems.

To contact the DPW, call (248) 651-5165.


DPW Staff Cleaning Road Catch Basins
DPW Crews regularly vacuum the catch basins within the City Right-Of-Way (ROW) to remove sediment and debris from the storm sewer system. This is done to maintain capacity in the system, keeping the streets free from flooding.

Storm sewers are designed to discharge into detention ponds and local streams and rivers. Our crews take pride in ensuring a vibrant riverfront for our community by working diligently to keep your storm sewers clean. Help keep them safe as well. When you see a crew working in your area, please slow down and give them room on the roadway to complete their work safely.