Boards and Commissions Portal

On the left side of this page, you will find links to more information about each Board and Commission.

To apply to a Board or Commission, complete the Boards & Commissions Application.


Step 1. Click the Boards and Commissions Application link above

Step 2. Once application opens in separate window, select the download button located in the upper right-hand corner (downward arrow icon)

Step 3. Open the downloaded application on your device

Step 4. Complete application with all necessary information

Step 5. Select the "Attach to Email" button located on page 3 of the application

NOTE - The "Attach to Email" button will NOT work if you have not downloaded the application to your device

Open deadlines for filling postions.  During the course of a year, there are board, committee, and commission positions that become vacant.  Thus, please fill out and application if you are interested in volunteering and serving.  (Note:  Some positions require residency within Rochester or specific skills.)  Additionally, twice during the year, the City will publicly seek to fill open spots.  When that occurs, the City will post "volunteer now", "now seeking volunteers", "call for voluneers", or something similar to help fill vancancies.