Single Rental Unit Registration and Inspection Form

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Pursuant to Chapter 12, Article IX of the Rochester City Code, owners of rental properties are required to inspect rental units at the time of initial registration as a rental property and at the time a rental unit is vacated by a tenant. After the inspection, this form must be filled out and submitted to the Rochester Fire Department before December 31, 2011 as an initial registration or before the rental unit is occupied by a new tenant. Please read the Property Inspection Checklist Guide for descriptions of each item to be inspected. If you have any question, please contact the Fire Department Code Compliance Division at 248-651-4470 or Completion of this Form constitutes the owner’s representation that all items have been inspected as required and that the information provided is accurate. Failure to comply with these requirements shall constitute a violation of Rochester City Code and may lead to the suspension of the certificate of occupancy for the rental property.
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Condition of Property
Remarks must be provided for any Inspection Item that is checked as either "Not Compliant"or "Not Applicable."

*Request for City Inspection: If a property owner is unable to determine the condition of their property, an owner may request the Fire Department Code Compliance Division inspect the property. The cost for the City to provide an initial or vacant unit inspection, at the request of the property owner, is $15.00 per rental unit. If you would like the City to provide the inspection service please complete the below section.
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